Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Alberta House

This is pictures of Alberta House, where Kim is staying in Nizhnezartovsk, Russia. It was built by Canadians, thus the name. I tried to put pictures from him in my webshots album, but it got cranky after I got them put up and tried to upload them. I will try again soon.
I have been trying to get my kitchen under control. I took out some dishes I didn't need. I don't need glasses with tiny bases that will tip over, don't need a dozen juice glasses, nor 13 soup mugs. I am also tossing out teas I will never use. I am going one cupboard at a time, trying to get real with myself. Really dread the baking pans. Maybe I can decorate some up to use in the yard.
I should have watered the plants in the front. It has been so hot and dry that I haven't wanted to go outside. The poor babies are suffering out there while I laze about under the a/c.

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