Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh Joy

I got an email from my dear heart this afternoon.....he is coming home Monday! I am so excited. I haven't heard from him since sunday and now will get to call him this evening. It is going to be so wonderful hearing his voice. I can hardly wait for him to get home.
Sadly, I had to cancel the weekend plans. Casey was coming to meet us, but I have come down with something. My father in law has been sick with a cold or something this week, and it looks like I have it too. My throat is sore, sinus's starting to cause problems, cough is coming on, and so is temperature. After working so hard this week to get ready, I am so disappointed to have to cancel it. But I absolutely don't want to pass this on to the baby. Oh well, maybe when we finally get to do this, Kim will be home.

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