Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Catching Up

I have had Halloween pictures of the grandies for a couple of weeks and keep forgetting to put them up to show everyone. I had them in order of age, but blogspot decided to shuffle them differently. So, on with the show.
First is Brooklyn, the strawberry. I knit the little cap which Casey and Chris attached leaves to. She looks yummy enough to eat.

Next is Princess Autumn. I am sure she is a certain princess...but I wasn't told which one.

Then there is Hannah Cat in the Hat. Notice the missing front tooth. They had lots of fun and got lots of goodies.

Today I went to visit Dr Di for the results of my bloodtests. My liver panel is back to normal now. I don't want to go on cholesterol meds to mess things up again. One time in the hospital for that was more than enough for me. Di didn't like the high cholesterol numbers until I had her compare it to the ones taken in August. Then she understood my happiness that it had gone down. It is still high, but so much better than it was. I have been getting a suppliment from my chiropractor that has factored tremendously in the numbers being down. But Di talked me into a med that doesn't go through the liver to eliminate cholesterol. It is supposed to bind it in the intestines before it makes it into your bloodstream and into the liver. I am going to try it for a month or so and see what happens. I have blood work done again in January. So we'll see.
After the doc visit, I went to my chiropractor to pick up the suppliments I take that has turned my world around with FMS. He found out that if he ordered it at a professional discount, he could pass it on to me. So now I order from him and it is cheaper. While there, I told him about my headaches that start at my neck and split my head. He adjusted my neck, then went on down my spine while he was there. It was like wrangling a wad of the popping packaging. But I can't tell you how much better I feel this evening.
While at Dr Di's, I got a pneumonia shot. That along with the flu shot I got last week should keep me on my feet this winter.
Okay, meds are hitting and it is 1am....so off to bed.

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