Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First Freeze

We had a cold front blow down today. At 10pm it was still up to 40 degrees, but the wind was much colder. I spent the day bringing in tender plants and trying to find places to put them. The plants I left outside were moved to the backyard against the rock south facing part of the house and covered with blankets.
The cold caused the pets to seek warm spots. The Beanie Weanie picked the afghan on the sofa. I promise, there is a dog under that mound.

Mimi chose the trunk in the south window with the sun shining in. Mouse picked a sunbeam on the floor. Luv was on the rug in the dining room.

Jack chose Kim's recliner.

Missy says......I found a pillow on the floor....and chose to block the door.

Tigger parked on the bed, curled up in a furry wad. I looked, but never found Lucy. Guess she picked a warm hidey hole somewhere. I have a feeling I may have a full bed tonight.

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