Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This and That

While visiting a friend this summer, I noticed she had a birdcage hanging from a tree in the front yard and birds clustering around and in it. Turns out, she had snipped some bars off the cage, put seed inside, and made it into a birdfeeder. Bingo! I had access to a couple of cages and needed a way to keep the birdseed off the ground where it kept sprouting and making a lot of work. So, the two cages have been a hit. One on the front porch, one on the patio.
Well, a week ago, a cactus wren decided it would make a bang up house. She has been steadily working on the nest since. This pic was taken last week. I need to take another pic this week because she seems determined to fill the cage up with nest!

Before the frost last night, I snipped the last of the roses that were blooming. There were 4 big Belinda's Dreeam and one red Oklahoma. I am enjoying them opening up on my kitchen sink.

It was 30 degrees when the sun peeked enough for me to see the thermometer this morning. It is supposed to get lower tonight.
Lost took an interesting turn tonight. Don't worry Kim....I taped it. Also called Matt to let him know it was coming on. It should prove quite interesting with the new people and story lines. Can't figure out how this just keeps getting better.

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