Thursday, November 17, 2005

oops, forgot

I meant to post a pic proving that there really was a dog under the afghan pile on the sofa. Here it is....yep, there was a Beanie Weanie under there. She doesn't just burrow under blankets....she is also burrowing into the family quite snuggly.

I have been busy trying to weed out my sewing room. I have thrown out over 8 bags of stuff and still have a ways to go. I had bought some storage drawers from Target. I put them together the other day, only to find one of them had been packaged with 4 left drawer sides. So, I am waiting for the replacements to be shipped to me so I can get on with the major organization. Right now I am using them to store my yarn stash. If they work out well, I may get more and use them to store other things. I like the clean look of them.
I rummaged through a tote of wool fabrics I had gathered the past few years. I want to use them for felted wool applique projects. Last week I went through them, tossing out any that had had a label saying they weren't wool since most were old skirts and pants. The remainded I put through a hot wash and dry. I tossed out any that didn't show signs of felting. That thinned the herd down a bit. There is a more managable stash now. I have a lot of things like that to go through. Projects that I just stored until I could get to them. Now is the time I am getting to them.
When not doing that, I am knitting away on gifts I hope to have done for Christmas. I get bored easily, so have a lot of things started. Some I can work on while waiting for pages to load up on my slow dial up connection, or while reading mail or blogs. Some I work on in my chair watching tv, one is easier done at the sunroom table in the morning so I can keep the pattern in front of me, and others are easily toted around and get worked on anywhere. I could be dangerous.....I discovered I could knit while driving. This is only possible because I live in a part of the world that has extremely boring, straight roads. I just finished a row I was working on while at the doctor's office and it was just straight stockinette stitch. I wouldn't try a big project or complicated stitches. But it was an intriguing experiment.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if Early would be interested in this knitting/driving trend.