Sunday, November 13, 2005

Meet the new girl

Meet Miss Beanie Weanie. Her real name is Roxie, but she doesn't seem to respond well to that name. When I came up with Beanie Weanie, she acts like she likes it. Since he is part dachsie and part chihuahua....and the color of red beans, the name just came to me one day. She is quite affectionate and gets along well with the other dogs. She supposedly lives with Mimi, but they really live at my house. She has one bad habit, besides housebreaking....when she gets cold, she burrows. Most of the time, that is under the afghan on the sofa. But at night, she jumps on a bed and burrows under the covers. It amazes me that she can jump up on my high bed that none of the other dogs can. Maybe I should knit her a little sweater. She also likes to talk. I already have a dog that talks, so it can get quite vocal around here when something exciting happens and everyone has something to say about it.

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