Monday, November 14, 2005

Trash to Treasure

I promised a friend months ago that I would post a picture of my chicken feeders. Sorry it took so long, Sam. I dug around in the Saddlehouse one afternoon and found some old chicken feeders. The short one was perfect for holding spices. So, I spray painted it blue, then hit it with a spritz of cream and screwed it to the wall. It has worked out wonderfully and goes nicely with my kitchen chickens.

Then there was the very long feeder. It had a screening on top of it that really didn't work, so I took it off. I spray painted this one almond and mounted it beside my bathroom sink.. It works great for perfumes, nail polishes, lotions and potions. Below it is some cute painted tin containers I bought at our local rodeo/craft days. I painted an old wood tray, decopaged some pretty fabric on the bottom and it corrals my most used things. The hatbox on the far right holds scented soaps.

This isn't a trash to treasure. It is a little cardigan I knitted for Brooklyn. It is the Haiku pattern from I used regular old Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. It was a quick knit. I used some buttons from my late grandmothers stash. Casey said it fits just fine. When I finished it, I tossed it in the washer and dryer to make sure it was wash and wear. Turned out great.

It wanted to throttle a dog this evening. Jack cornered Arnie the armadillo under the Truck Farm. The constant barking was driving me nuts. I could tell by his bark that it was Arnie. I grabbed my flashlight and headed out in the backyard. On the way by the faucet, I grabbed the hose and turned the water on. Jack got a good spraying and quit for a while. But as soon as I came back in the house, he started back up. So I went back out. This time I chased him around a bit to let him know I meant business. Well that did the trick, except that he came in and plopped down under my chair to lick the water off of himself. He needs a bath badly as it is.....but wet dog was very unpleasant. Guess dog baths needs to be added to the long list.
Tomorrow I have to start getting plants inside, and the rest of them ready for the possiblity of our first killing frost. This means that my new cart will get a good workout. I am so very pleased with my new cart. Thanks Cheree!!!!!
Okay, off to bed. Have to get going early tomorrow. Have an appointment with Dr. Di to get my bloodwork results.

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