Friday, November 18, 2005

When you live on rock

When you live on rock, doing anything takes longer and more creativity to accomplish it. I had this uploaded in order, but blogger shuffled things.

This is a picture of the finished iron plate bolted to the rock. This happened when Kim decided to put an extension on the carport to house his pickup and welder. He and his dad dug and dug and found edges of this boulder. But when they tried to move the boulder, it didn't.....but the boulder next to it moved. Seeing a hopeless situation, he decided to drill holes in the rock and bolt the pipe post to the rock.

This is the finished extension. The post with the ladder in front of it is the one bolted to the boulder. You can see the surface boulder that moved when they tried to pry up the one under the post. It is the light colored spot on the ground. The rock on the surface is huge, so it astounds me how big the one under the post must be.

This is a closer shot of the iron plate bolted to the boulder. I guess if a tornado came for me, I should hide under the carport and tie myself to this post....cuz it ain't going anywhere!

This pic shows the bolted on plate, and part of the rock that moved when they pried at the other boulder. Told you it was big.

Imagine me trying to garden on this stuff. There are plenty of spots where I have dug for hours, trying to find the end of a rock, hoping to be able to remove it. Only to find it the size of a Volkswagon and trying to figure out how to garden around it or on top of it. In my world, there is no such thing as just digging a flower bed and sticking a plant in.
Also, my house is anchored in this stuff.....don't expect it to go anywhere.
Yesterday I put the flannel sheets and big quilted spread on my bed. Cold weather is officially here now. This weekend I will be dragging out all my winter clothes that is in storage and packing away my warm weather gear.

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