Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bad Day

Today is a pic of my pot of Zinnia's. This was taken last week, so there are about double the amount today.
This morning I woke up sneezing. I hate these sneezing fits. I will usually wake up sneezing and keep it up for hours. And, of course, it usually means I am coming down with something. I was aching all over last night, but felt fine this morning. But this afternoon it started up again, along with a slight fever. I am so hoping this is only a 24 hour bug.Posted by Hello
Last night I watched the National Jr. Miss Pageant. My first cousin's oldest daughter was in it. Sadly, she didn't make the first cut, but what an experience it must have been for her!
I watched Shallow Hal this afternoon. Youngest son left it here months ago and I finally got around to watching it. Really great message to it. Thinking of watching Meet The Tanenbaums this evening.
I spent a good part of this morning blowing my nose and sorting through the pictures I have on my computer. When my oldest switched me over to XP, I ended up with my picture files scattered in three different areas. It took me hours just to do a preliminary sort. Now I have to go back and refine my files.

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