Sunday, June 12, 2005

So, I have forgotten how to enter into my blog. I hope I got it right. Geesh, this should be easy....hmm, story of my life. Posted by Hello
This will take some getting used to.
I was sick yesterday. I don't know what happened but my head was spinning and it made me quesy. I spent half the day in bed. This drove my terrier nuts. I have a high bed and he is short. I finally found a chair he could jump up on and onto the bed. He is such a brat....but I love that little brat.
Today I went to the grand opening of my small towns Wellness Center. The big accomplishment is that it opened debt free. I went early and got a tour before the crowds got there. It is really cool with pool, workout room and physical therapy room. I also got to see the remodeled hospital. It is very impressive.
Kim came home early this evening. Almost...ALMOST the first thing he did was pull out Betty Lou for a ride. Luckily he knows his priorities.
We are now officially puppy-sitting the neighbors fox terrier as he took off for a two week school. He will come home for the weekend, but I am sure Mimi will look for him all week. She will be fine though, as she lives here half the time anyway. In fact, she is sacked out for the night on one of the dog beds as I write this.
Well, I am just a fountain of interesting information tonight, so will shut this down. I am sure I will get more interesting as I learn this format. Right now it feels strange.

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