Friday, June 24, 2005

Lazy Days of Summer

I am taking these lazy days of summer seriously. I am not keeping up with this well. But to catch up....things are doing nicely in the garden. Todays picture is of burgundy daylilies. I have tried daylilies off and on the past few years and they finally took this year. I am enchanted! I also have another lily blooming, but will put the picture up later when I dig out the envelope on it and find out what kind. I think it is a Stargazer. Sure smells wonderful.
I have been trying to get things in the house done. Not moving along very fast at it. For a couple of days, I kept thinking about a certain shirt. It wasn't in my closet and I didn't recall getting rid of it when I did my purging after losing weight. I finally got the bright idea to look in a couple of storage tubs I had stashed. There were my summer clothes that I forgot to get out. I spent an hour trying different ones on. I managed to get out almost a dozen shirts and tshirts, leave a tub of stuff in one, and toss out half a tubs worth. I really have no need to keep a pair of size 8 shorts.
I also thinned out my mending and altering stack. I know it must be cool to put abalone shell buttons on linen, but glaring white ones just don't do it for me on black linen.
I spent a couple of days this week with my nose buried in books. Mom and I have been reading Jennifer Weiner's books. I cried at the end of In Her Shoes, smiled while finishing Good In Bed, and am almost through with Little Earthquakes. Finding an author to grab my attention and drag me deeply into her world is rare. In Her Shoes is being made into a movie and it is one I will make the special trip into the city to see. That is a big deal for me, as I live 70 miles from a city large enough for shopping and movies. If Kim gets to stay home longer than 24 hours in the near future, we will go see the last Star Wars. I have a hard time sitting still for 2 or more hours, so a movie really has to hold my interest for me to put myself through that.
Well, that is as much chatting as I can sit still for now. Remind me tomorrow to tell you about the potty puppies and post their pictures. Posted by Hello

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