Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gloom, Despair,and Agony

Last night was horrible. What I have is the flu apparently. My temp went up to 102.5 and I was shaking so bad from the chills that I could hardly walk. I took two tylenol, my sleep med, my muscle relaxer, and was so grateful when they all kicked in. I slept with the cordless phone by my pillow in case things got bad.
Doing a little better this morning, but did anyone get the license of the truck that ran over me repeatedly? Temp climbed up to 100 earlier, so took two aspirin. The pain is worse than a Fibro flare-up. I may have to go back to bed. I am drinking orange juice like it is going out of style.
Kim is on his way home and should be here early evening. I am so glad I won't be alone if I have another bad night.
Today's pic is of my Bat-faced Cuphea. I bought a little pot of it a couple of years ago and it has loved it's new home. It tends to spread out about 4 feet. But it also rewards you with little bat faced flowers that hummers love. The full picture of it was in 2003, when it was just a baby. I will have to get a new picture of it so you can see just how big it grows. Thing is, it dies back every winter, then almost doubles in size when it comes back up in spring.


Anonymous said...

just luv the would probably grow well here too...hugs, linda lou

Anonymous said...

don't know about this site...didn't think i was anonymous!!!! hugs, ll