Sunday, June 26, 2005

How I spent my Sunday morning.....

This is Mouse. She and my other dog, Luv, are sisters. Luv was my dear late mother in laws dog. Luv got all the intelligence in the womb, leaving Mouse dumb as a fencepost. This picture is of her after her spring haircut. She and her sister are part Sheltie, part Schnauzer. Luv got the wirey Schnauzer hair, Mouse got the Sheltie look. This morning, before I had been up 15 minutes, I was assaulted with the smell of skunk. I looked down and knew instantly it was Mouse. I kicked her outside and shut off the doggy door. I let her stew in her nasty juices for about half an hour while I finished waking up with another cup of coffee. Then we did the baking soda-dish detergent-peroxide bath. She smells better now, but I am not a happy camper with her getting sprayed yet AGAIN! She can't seem to grasp the concept of leaving the bad kitties alone. She is 9 years old and has never learned. As much as she hates baths, you would think it would click. This is the dog that made me vow never to have another dog. Then Luv and Jack came into my life and changed my mind. When will I quit saying the word "never"!!!! Posted by Hello

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