Friday, June 17, 2005

Here comes the Heat

I didn't check the thermometer until 6:30 this evening, and it showed 98 °. It is supposed to get to 100 this weekend. I am not looking forward to the summer heat. It's been nice and cool up till now.
The night at the Sleep Center was interesting. Even taking my sleeping pill, I didn't sleep too well. After being hooked up with over 30 wires....most on my head, I made the mistake of looking in a mirror. You know the guy in the horror movies with spikes sticking out of his head?
It sure was nice to get home and take a heavy duty nap. Slept like a rock last night also. I have discovered that I can't take the new sleeping med, Lunesta. It causes me to have a bitter and metallic taste in my mouth. Hard to drink water that tastes like it is poison.
I think I finally got a handle on the blackspot on my roses. They are starting to releaf and set buds. If it stays dry, then maybe things will be okay.
I am going to a quilt show tomorrow. I really look forward to seeing the beautiful workmanship, and of course, the intimidation. I won't ever be good enough to be shown, but my famiy is happy when I finally finish one.

I love my Peace roses. This was first bloom this spring. They are putting on more buds now and should have lots of flowers next week. Posted by Hello

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