Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New in knitting

I got a wild hair crossed this morning and decided to try continental knitting. I keep reading that it is an easier method to use when doing more than one color in a row. I felt like all thumbs at first, and the instructions I printed off a website weren't too clear, so I grabbed my Stitch n Bitch Nation book and went by the instructions in the back. After my fingers got a little used to the strange way of knitting, it went rather easy. I will practice it more, and regularly to keep the memory in my hands. This could revolutionize the way I knit and my speed. I am a self taught English (American) technique knitter. But I haven't been too happy with throwing my yarn. I would like to be a speed knitter like I am a speed crocheter. I have too many projects in progress and that I want to do, to waste my time going slow as molasses.
Also, there are those socks I want to knit.......

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