Saturday, June 11, 2005

Finally....a picture!

I have spent hours trying to figure out this photo program "Hello". I at least figured out how to post a picture into the log, and now how to edit it. Now comes the big question of how to put the pic into my profile. With all the instructions they have, none of them tells you how....they just say to do it.
Anyway, after decades of a dream, Kim finally fulfilled it. Betty Lou is a 2001 Harley Superglide. We took our first ride together monday night. We went into town for gas, then took the long way home. I definitely need some kind of goggle, and either wear a helmet, or pull my hair back. I thought with the wind whipping through damp curls, it would straighten out....NOT. I spent hours untying the knots from super curly hair.
On his way home from a job this weekend, Kim is going to stop in a Harley shop and see about getting footrest extenders. He has the longest legs in history and the ones on Betty Lou are too short. He is also going to look at goggles for me.
He and I are like two teenagers nowadays. All the kids have left home and we can afford to buy the cool toys we always wanted. It is better to kick up our heels and have fun together, than to be like other people having mid-life crises, splitting up and ruining everyones lives.

Kim and Cyndye and Betty Lou Posted by Hello

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