Friday, June 10, 2005

First time out...or no longer a virgin blogger

Well, okay, so I started a blog. Now what? Weird how your mind can go blank when faced with a naked page waiting to be filled.
I started this to keep from having to write long emails to a long list of people everytime something happens around my place. Since it is a regular zoo here, this gets a bit pesky.
I will try to keep everyone up to date on all my interests. A short list of that little piece of heaven 15 acres, 3 dogs, 3 cats, hubby and his new passion...a Harley named Betty Lou, my garden, my house redecorating, the wildlife around here, all my numerous crafty endeavors. brain is now fried and my nerves jangled from thinking so hard. Like freefalling.
One special note: Keep this clean! I have young grandkids that might see it!
Have a good one! Otter

1 comment:

homersgrl said...

love it, lookin younger and younger....gotta getchall in some leathers, now!