Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hyper Day

I am running around here in a tizzy this morning. Roaring staight into Obsessive mode. I am leaving this evening to go spend the night at the Sleep Center. I will probably be home before noon tomorrow, but I am still obsessing. The only things I really have to do around here are make sure the dogs don't have anything to get into. All the trash is empty. Any cans I use can be put up high. I have one dog, Luv, that shows her displeasure at being left home for more than an hour, by stringing trash around the house. She has taught this to Jack. Only Jack doesn't know that you wait till mom is gone to do it. Luv also taught all the others to talk, but that is a different story.
I also cleaned out the cat pans, so no kitty cookies will be laying about. So now I have gone into full frantic mode....dishes clean, no dirty laundry, beds made, dog hair vacuumed up. Geesh...I keep telling myself it is only overnight!!
Maybe tomorrow I can chill and get some more pictures up here. Have three vivid red hibiscus blooming out back.
Gotta go pack now.

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